Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A good way to start your maths lesson: ESTIMATION

It would be a good idea if you always start your lesson with a warm up. I recommend you to use an estimation everyday where kids can think freely and try to connect maths with real life situations. I have been using a wonderful website for over two years:


The results are amazing. Students get suddenly engaged in the lesson and get focus for maths easily!!!

However you should let them do. At the beginning they will just guess. Be patient, little by little they will develop a better understanding and they will start techniques such as proportions or even more creatives ones. They will mix geometry with fractions to solve a problem and all of these in a real life context.

Do not hesitate to use that technique in your class and share your results with us!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's learn the Periodic Table

Here it is the nice video and song that my students have created to remember the first 10 elements of the periodic table!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun with Integers

I know it looks almost impossible to enjoy integers. Students get really confused and start saying numbers trying to get the right answer. It seems pretty easy and they struggle a lot with those, why? Don't forget that we haven't used integers until 3 centuries ago and lots of the most important mathematicians were scared with those little negatives.

I want to show a new way to play with integers using two fun activities that are going to help students to make sense of negatives numbers.

First of all, using algebra tiles. You can create your own ones or just print it from here.
It is really important that you print them in two different colors, I chose orange and green. In that way the students start to realize the difference between negatives and positives. Then, the only rule is that you can cancel out a negative with a positive. So for example, if you want them to operate 7 - 9
They need to choose 7 positives cards and 9 negatives tiles and then check the rest.

After playing for a while, it is good to make them do some connections

How much it would be 700 - 900?

And -456 - 976?

Another activity would be to put a number line on the floor. It is easier if you can do it outside. Then make the students to move up every time it is a positive number and down every time it is a negative number. Another way to look at that would be to turn around every time they see a negative number. It is a good way to show that - - = + because they turn around two times so they will be in the original position. I did that with my students and some of the parents who visited the class and it worked wonderful.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let's play Countdown Numbers

Most of the times, the best way to learn is playing!!!

Have a look at this wonderful website to play Countdown Numbers online. You will have lots of fun and they will learn a lot!!!


And you may want to play with some friends!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Metric System

The metric system is not probably a difficult concept but we tend to do it really boring. Why don't we make a connection with real life situations? A nice project should be to find three pictures of objects of different dimensions and put them in order in the classroom.

You can take some of this pictures from the website:


Students love to make connections and touch things!!!!

Make your class a microscope or a telescope!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why don't we exercise our minds?

How many of you think you are not good at math?

Have you ever thought that you are not born intelligent enough to understand maths or science?

That's so FALSE!!!!

However they have made you feel in that way and you have given up on trying and you have become bad at maths!!!!

But you are still in time. Let's give another chance and you will see how your brain grows!!!!

It is about time to show the world that you are AWESOME and INTELLIGENT !!!!

Are you ready to start?

It is the beginning of the school year and we are all excited about what we are going to do, how our students are going to react... But we don't have to forget motivation, specially at the beginning of the year. We need to tell our students that they are allowed to fail, to make a mistake... Actually it is the only way to learn. You should tell them that their future is not written, that they can be good at math, they can develop their brains!!!!
You can use that video to do that:

Have a wonderful school year!!!! Enjoy learning!!!!!